Nothing destined me to become a coach but I believe coaching is what I was born to do

About me

I am an engineer and a former investment analyst who turned entrepreneur and certified Life coach.

I specialize in the area of confidence and I help my clients develop true and authentic self-confidence in key areas of their lives ( Money, Career, Relationships, Health, Body image), get unstuck and move ahead with clarity, set and achieve ambitious goals and navigate the challenges/setbacks while remaining motivated and optimistic.

I learned firsthand how tough life can be so I have a Non-BS approach to my work ( no fluffy positive psychology in my approach).

Things that I personally experienced

  • Moving countries and adapting to a new environment
  • Learning a new language to a fluent level
  • Evolving in very competitive professional environment ( investment banking and asset management)
  • Being a high achiever while lacking direction and not knowing why am I doing it.
  • Changing career paths and finding my purpose
  • International divorce
  • Representing myself in court in a foreign country
  • Anxiety, depression and confidence issues
  • Procrastination
  • Not setting clear boundaries and being a people pleaser
  • Building an online business that generate passive income
  • Being exposed to different cultures from a very young age due to my background


FREE 1h Coaching Session

Do you want to see if coaching is right for you before any Commitment?

I am currently offering pro bono free sessions. You get a free coaching service and I get experience. If that sounds fair to you, I would love to work with you, please follow the link below.

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Life / Confidence coaching

1:1 coaching sessions

Conducted online through Zoom or Face to Face in Dublin ( Ireland).

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Duration: 60 min


Manal has a truly positive approach to her work. She helped me put some shape on a vague plan I had for further training and career growth. We teased out my motivations and goals and focused on existing strengths as well as new possibilities. Manal’s natural curiosity, empathy and understanding supported and guided me in exploring my options. Our work together left me with a much clearer picture of how I would like to develop in future. A really worthwhile experience I greatly appreciated.

Eva. K

I would recommend Manal for anyone who is struggling to remain optimistic and hopeful in their own growth. She helped me reframe some challenges in my life in a way that encouraged me to overcome them and regain positive outlook.

Fiona . M

I would like to express my gratitude to Manal for the insight she was able to provide me during our coaching sessions. She has the ability to make a person see things from a different perspective. with the tools she provided me I was able to manœuvre through a difficult area of my life. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to move forward in their lives in an empowered way.

Cheryl. Y

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