My name is Manal and nothing destined me to become a coach.

I graduated from an engineering university in 2010 and I completed a Masters’s degree in Finance in 2015.

I worked mainly in corporate, first as an analyst in a corporate and investment bank and then as an investment analyst in an investment management company.

But I believe today that coaching is what I was born to do yet I only realized that after a life-changing event forced me to question every department of my life back in 2016.

In 2016, I went through a very brutal separation and found myself in the middle of an extremely conflictual divorce after only 2 years of marriage.

I was almost made homeless almost overnight in a city where I knew practically nobody and I only found temporary refuge in a friend’s place.

I suddenly had to commute for 3 hours to go to work all the while actively searching for a new place to live and starting a new job I did not even choose for myself, all of that while being away from my family, in a foreign country where I lived only for 2 years and I was not well settled and did not even speak the language properly.

I lost my marriage, all my savings, my home, my lifestyle, and subsequently my health and my joy for life at all once.

The state of choc, confusion, and hurt I found myself in had to wait as I was trying to survive before I could begin processing what just happened, let alone accepting and recovering from it.

I engaged in very unhealthy habits just to be able to cope with the anxiety, depression, and confusion that resulted from the separation.

After getting back on my feet and realizing the chaos that my life had become, I made the decision that I needed to pause and take a moment to look at how it all came about.

It was at this moment that I came across personal development and it changed my life entirely.

Personal development helped me understand my dynamics and see my part of responsibility which empowered me to take control of my life and course-correct its direction.

I faced my own demons and I took full responsibility for what happened even things that I was not responsible for.

I challenged my own patterns of behavior and I questioned beliefs, remembered my values and I turned inwards for answers.

In other words, personal development gave me the chance of a new beginning and I seized it.

My personal development journey led me to a compelling vision for my dream life and ever since I have been in the process of building it, brick by brick.

Today I know who I am and I am at peace with myself. I have a much healthier lifestyle. I rebuilt my life. I changed my career path after leaving behind (without regrets) my corporate ambitions and I am now developing my online and coaching businesses.

The human capacity for burden is like bamboo – far more flexible than you’d ever believe at first glance – Jodi Picoult

My coaching style

Real, Empathetic, caring, to the point

My super powers

Analytical mind, empathy and resilience.

Things that I personally experienced

  • Moving countries and adapting to a new environment
  • Learning a new language to a fluent level
  • Evolving in very competitive professional environment ( investment banking and asset management)
  • Being a high achiever while lacking direction and not knowing why am I doing it.
  • Changing career paths and finding my purpose
  • International divorce
  • Representing myself in court in a foreign country
  • Anxiety and depression issues
  • Procrastination
  • Not setting clear boundaries and being a people pleaser
  • Building an online business that generate passive income
  • Being exposed to different cultures from a very young age due to my background

How people describe me

A go-getter, methodical, and very empathetic.